“Welcome to the Jungle” — of pre-historic Utah

“Welcome to the Jungle” — of pre-historic Utah

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Research is drawing attention to the (prehistoric) jungle beaches of Utah.

Strange, newly-discovered dinosaurs like Kosmoceratops Richardsoni — which looks like a 15-horned triceratops — once luxuriated on Utah’s beaches.

There was once an ocean which extended though midwest America. The western U.S. was part of a continent called “Laramidia,” with Utah forming an eastern beach for the seashore.


What was confusing scientists is why so many strange dinosaurs lived in such small areas — and nowhere else?

Recent research suggests that varying climates limited these dinosaurs to narrow ranges across Utah.

The news has been picked up by National Geographic and the Los Angeles Times, and other publications.

It seems Utah has long been a home to all kinds of residents. Even the kinds with horns.

Images: National Geographic, U.S. Government.

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