Utah solves the Homeless problem: Give them homes

Utah solves the Homeless problem: Give them homes

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Utah has solved homelessness, according to numerous media publications.

The radical notion of giving the homeless homes has apparently escaped notice up to this point, and Utah’s strategy of doing so is receiving acclaim — along with slaps on the forehead.

“It’s more humane, and it’s cheaper,” the director of Utah’s Homeless Task Force said. “I call them ‘homeless citizens.’ They’re part of our citizenry. They’re not them and us. It’s ‘we.'”

Here’s a recent report from NBC News on Utah’s solution to being homeless:



The homes-for-the-homeless program has received attention from numerous publications, from the New Yorker, to Business Insider, to Mother Jones, and many others.

Utah has emphasized other housing programs as well, offering lower and low income families low-cost homes, where the self-employed or people without perfect credit, can build new, custom homes themselves. There are programs for those in Utah’s urban areas, and in rural areas, too.

Image: NBC News.

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