Campfire Cooking Books

Campfire Cooking Books

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If you are planning on going camping this summer or just having some fun by the backyard fire pit, Campfire Cooking offers several different ways to cook food over a campfire. They include making snacks and meals On a Stick, In a Pie Iron, Wrapped in Foil, In a Skillet, In a Dutch Oven or On the Grill. All of the recipes in Campfire Cooking are simple to put together and only use a few ingredients, but are so much better than just hot dogs and roasted marshmallows.

One idea they give for using a pie iron is bread filled with pizza fillings and cooked in a pie iron to make individual pizzas. Eating pizza while camping sounds good to me! I thought that their use of hollowed out oranges was innovative; the oranges are filled with biscuit dough or blueberry muffin batter, wrapped in foil and baked on the coals. Not only do you get a cute holder for the rolls and muffins, but I would love the extra citrus flavor, too!

You can even eat gourmet dishes while you camp, like the pork chop dinner cooked in a skillet or the caramel apple crisp baked in a Dutch oven. My kid’s all time favorite recipe for campout cooking was included, also — banana boats, where you slice a banana (with the peel still on) and fill it with marshmallows and chocolate chips, wrap it all up in foil and put it on the coals until it is heated through. Well, the banana is healthy, right?

Campfire Cooking is a really helpful resource for outdoor cooking, chock full of lots of great recipes for family fun!

S’more Campfire Fun! is a complete camping guide filled with many ideas for how to make the most of camping. There are chapters on Hiking, Exploration, Day and Night Fun, Crafts, Campfire Songs, Jokes and Stories, plus recipes and more. Tons of fun suggestions fill the pages with tips from making a flower chain to recognizing birds, trees, plants, animal tracks and more. There are guides to constellations and the phases of the moon among other things to help make your camping trip more interesting (and educational!).

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own tin can stove (with tuna can burner) or a cardboard box oven, there are full instructions for both. There are also recipes for camping fare, from Omelet in a Plastic Bag to Apple Pie on a Stick. Whether you are new to camping outdoors or a seasoned camper, S’more Campfire Fun! has just about every camping related idea you can think of to make your trip the best ever!

Over a Fire: Cooking with a Stick & Cooking Hobo Style has an interesting book layout with it split down the middle and separated into two sections, one side focusing on Cooking with a Stick (skewers, sticks or pie iron) and the other side has lots of suggestions for Cooking Hobo Style (with foil). There are also a lot of suggestions for other related camping activities, games and crafts.

They offer tips for what type of sticks work well, as well as building the perfect fire to cook over (vs. a bonfire!), and lots of other beneficial suggestions. I loved the creative idea of making little pineapple upside down cakes with a cake donut and a pineapple ring, butter and brown sugar, and then placing it in a pie iron and heating it over the fire embers until golden brown. Yum!! Foil is made into several different cooking implements, like a foil skillet that you can cook pancakes made from a prepackaged muffin mix. Over a Fire has lots of delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner foods. For example, the Cheesy Cobs are corn cooked on a grate over the hot coals, with a thin layer of mayo added, and a sprinkle of Parmesan and chili powder. My favorite!

I enjoyed seeing the Hobo Sign Key, that gives the explanations of the symbols that hobos used in the Depression years. They used these symbols to communicate with other hobos to assist them in finding food and safety. Over a Fire even includes a recipe to make your own sidewalk chalk so you can practice the hobo symbols for yourself.

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