Daily Tortilla: Authentic Mexican Recipes

Daily Tortilla: Authentic Mexican Recipes

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If there was a restaurant near me which used the recipes for Daily Tortilla as its menu, I’d eat there several times a week. Happily, because these flavorful and authentic household recipes from Mexico are so quick and easy to prepare, my family and I can enjoy them anytime we like! And they really are simple and quick to prepare — most take just a few ingredients, and are often very quick to prepare. We’ve enjoyed the Tacos de Verduras (vegetarian tacos), made with zucchini, summer squash, and mushrooms, and the Sopa de Pollo y Verduras (chicken vegetable soup) is something we whip up in no time at all.

Holiday recipes, however, are an exception, and elaborate moles and other dishes appear here also. Of these, my family loves the Tamales de Puerco (pork tamales), which turned out tender and flavorful for us, and the Tinga de Pollo (chicken hash) which we like to serve on fresh tortillas. The book itself is beautiful, with a clear and appealing layout and lavish, full-color photos, and is divided into chapters which fit true household cooking styles in Mexico. A chapter on The Basics explains how to make salsas, sauces, beans, and rice, the way they’re actually made and served in Mexico. I love that we can make them at home, especially since we live in a small town without a lot of good restaurants.

The “Platforms” chapter explains how to make your own tortillas, sopes, gorditas, tamales and more — which actually turned out to be much easier than I would have thought. Then there are chapters on First Courses, Main Dishes, Drinks, and Desserts. I am grateful for Daily Tortilla — as is my whole family, because we are enjoying the rich flavors of authentic Mexican cooking right here at home.

About the Author:
RICHARD M. JAMES (Ricardo) grew up in the kitchen. He learned the art of cooking by trial and error. The errors ended up in the garbage, but the trials got better and better. At age nineteen he traveled to Mexico to serve as a missionary among the people, in their homes and in their kitchens. Richard is the father of five and now resides in Utah. He occasionally, with his family, visits Mexico to gather more traditional culinary ideas and techniques.


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